Israel: A Key U.S. Ally

Israel has, is, and always will be one of the United States closest allies. The Middle East, where Israel is located, has been a center anti -American rhetoric, terrorism and growing hostility toward Western cultural and society. It should come as no surprise – after all, even after just a cursory glance at Mid-East politics, it’s easy to conclude that there are organizations and people bent on our destruction – the same organizations and people who celebrated the destruction of the World Trade Center in one of our countries' darkest hours on 9/11. In fact, these same organizations have referred to the United States as "The Great Satan" and Israel as "The Little Satan," and wish nothing short of the utter eradication of both countries 

Israel is has been attacked a number of times in her modern history. In 1948, during Israeli War for Independence when Israel came back into existence after well over 1,000 years, her enemies sought to destroy her. Attacks came again in 1967 during the Six Day War and in 1973  during the Yom Kippur War when Israel was invaded by her neighbors and threatened with annihilation.  As a result of these attacks. Israel has taken over lands that once belonged to the countries that attacked them.  These lands are wrongfully referred to as "Occupied Territories" in the media and by some elements within our own government, but the fact remains that these lands now rightfully belong to Israel through Right of Conquest.

There are some in our society – and in our government! – who believe giving away these lands back to the aggressors, or worse yet, terrorist organizations, will somehow insure peace in the Middle East. Let’s be clear: that approach will not work – ever. These tensions in the Middle East go back many thousands of years and I believe it to be either the height of hubris or sheer stupidity to believe we can resolve that into anything different.

Israel is our ally.  We will never have to be concerned as to whether or not Israel would stand with us. Therefore, it is in the strategic interest of the United States – and indeed our European allies – to have a strong ally, with our full support, in the Middle East, and this ally can only be Israel.