Answering the call

Why did I decide to run?

That’s a question I have been asked by a lot folks lately.  Truthfully, running for office has appealed to me for a long time, but now,  after years of hearing friends, acquaintances and strangers alike lament, “We need new blood down in Washington!”, I believe it’s necessary to protect our country and way of life. 

Our founding fathers envisioned a “citizen legislature” but these days, it isn’t hard to see that our elected officials, of all types, are generally the exact opposite. The political class is just that: a group of people who have spent their careers in the political arena, distanced from the citizens they are expected to represent. And because of this, they have lost sight of what it means to be public servants, making it seem to many Americans that “politics” is the reason for the failure to address the needs of our country.

Since my father’s death when I was 10 years old, the value of hard work has always been instilled in me.  Getting “out there” to accomplish what needs to be done is woven into the fabric of who I am.  My finest example in life is my mother, who emigrated here from Canada.  Following my father’s death, she was forced to enter the workforce to provide for our family.

When I was 18, a man challenged me to “give back” to my community and I began serving in our town’s Little League.  As I got older, I also served at my church, continuing to work with kids in youth ministry.  These experiences taught me that life isn’t just about me, but about how I will impact others for the good.

As an adult, I had the privilege of starting my own business. As a small business owner, I learned the lessons of the corporate word: the obligation to meet payroll, the value of budgeting, the need for the correct investments, and yes, the reality of tax obligations.

When I look at Washington, I do not see these lessons learned. In the political sphere, when more money is needed, our leaders pursue one of these “solutions”: citizens are taxed more, money is borrowed, resulting in an increase of our national debt, or as is the case now, more cash is simply “printed”.  There seems to be no willingness to take accountability or make even the easy decisions to reduce waste.

I want to go to Washington to help change its culture,  to leave grid lock in favor of “economic opportunity for everyone”,  to reach across the aisle to work with folks who are not “my enemies” simply because they are members of another party.  I want to bring that urgency there to help put us back on course to a far brighter future.  When I talk to the people, they are certainly ready.  We have the resources and are ready as a nation to meet any challenge.