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Fair Taxation

Economic Opportunity for All

Economic Opportunity for All

Fair Taxation will unleash economic growth at a level the world has not seen since the Industrial Revolution - all by eliminating corporate and individual income taxes, thus allowing hard-working Americans to take home 100% of their pay.

Under Fair Taxation, federal taxation will shift from earners and producers to consumers. This shift will create an environment where business flourishes. Currently, the U.S. has one of the highest corporate tax burdens in the world – a burden that, if lifted, would send a clear signal to the for-profit world that the U.S. “open for business” once again and immediately increase the number of businesses relocating to our country.

And what does that translate to for American workers? A vibrant labor market, increased wages and a cycle where incomes and standards of living rise once again.

We are facing plummeting labor participation rates and an ever-increasing number of citizens enrolled in entitlement programs. Fair Taxation will once again give hope to the discouraged worker.


Energy Independence

For National Security

For National Security

Establishing energy independence is directly related to national security, and our country is reminded of this fact as we monitor the situation unfolding in Ukraine. 

To further our own national security, we should be working to “Steal Putin’s Wallet” right now. This will have a huge impact, not only on our security and the security of our allies, but on our economic health as well.  

It is estimated that Russia’s energy exports to Europe total $160 billion per year.  If the U.S. acts now, not just to complete the Keystone XL pipeline, but also to allow for the export of American crude oil and fully develop our natural gas reserves, we will be in the position to not only profit financially, but also provide our allies with a secure source of energy that will not used as a political weapon against them.

In addition, investing in our energy independence will create high-paying, secure jobs for Americans, as workers will be needed to manufacture piping, build liquid natural gas plants and export terminals and construct ships to transport the goods to other markets. 


Repeal of Obamacare 

Stop Healthcare Rationing

Stop Healthcare Rationing

More than 50% of voters think our nation’s healthcare system will get worse as the result of the Affordable Care Act, and nearly 60% view the new healthcare law as unfavorable overall.

But voters should be concerned with more than just the public opinion of the law – the American people should be disturbed by the poor planning of Obamacare itself. The law has been changed more 40 times as of April 8, 2014, including at least 22 alternations made unilaterally by the Obama Administration.  

Additionally, there are valid concerns about the legality of Obamacare. Among the most overlooked factors are the requirement to provide coverage that violates religious freedoms and the millions of documented cases of people losing their health insurance after they were told, “If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan. Period.”

By restoring Medicare and Medicaid and stopping the rationing of healthcare, we can improve our nation’s health system and address the concerns of the majority of Americans.